Toilet Cleaner

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Removes tartar, disinfects and destroys bacteria, brightens the toilet and fills the bathroom with a natural scent of pine.

Volume: 750 ML.

Ingredients: Water, a Mixture of Acids Based on Sugar, Pine Oil, Natural Surfactants Based on Alcohol and Vegetable Oils.

Tilt the bottle nozzle and pour the liquid generously on the sides of the toilet. Allow the material to work up for a few minutes and rub well with a toilet brush and rinse.

3 reviews for Toilet Cleaner

  1. Remy Tomlinson

    It actually cleans!
  2. Nuha Dennis

    This is the best cleaner by far for my toilets. I used several and none have gotten that nasty ring where water sits off my toilets like this one. I squirt it in, leave it for a few minutes, scrub quickly, and the toilet looks brand new with no ring!
  3. Johnnie E

    This toliet cleaner works really well. I love the cleaning power it has, and the smell is very nice.
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«This dish soap works really well and I love that it doesn't have the harsh chemicals that a lot of other products have, even some that are marked as being more natural. The free and clear is pretty odorless. It has a slight typical soap smell to it, but it isn't overpowering at all.»

James F.