Tartar Remover

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Removes tartar and rust from kettles, showers, glass and plastic surfaces, synthetic marble countertops, formica, stainless steel and ceramic countertops.

Volume: 1000 ML.

Ingredients: Water, a Sugar-Based Acid Mixture.

To clean the kettles: pour the content of the bottle until the tartar marks are covered. To clean surfaces: pour some material onto the desired area, wait until the fermentation is complete and rinse well with water.

2 reviews for Tartar Remover

  1. Ava Alcock

    I live in an area with hard water. This tartar remover helps a lot, especially on my stainless steel kitchen sink. Quick and easy to use with long lasting results. I recommend this to anyone constantly fighting lime scale.
  2. Brenda Mcnally

    What a relief to find an environmentally friendly tartar remover which is so very effective. The chrome absolutely gleams now.
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«Love that the smell isn't overwhelming and it really cleans our bathroom well- doesn't just cover up the smell. And I feel great using it with small kids in the house. Another quality eco-friendly product made in Israel. »

Alisa A.