Laundry Bleach Powder

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Bleaching and disinfecting used as an additive to liquid or laundry detergent. Suitable for white or colored laundry. Effective in brightening colors. Suitable for all types of fabric.

Volume: 500 ML.

Ingredients: Percarbonate with Active Oxygen.

To clean the bath / sink: Wet the surface with lukewarm water and rub while adding lukewarm water and bleach powder. To clean the toilet: Pour 3-4 tablespoons of powder into the toilet, allow to sit for about half an hour and then flush the toilet water. To remove mold: Dissolve powder in appropriate amount of lukewarm water and apply to surface where needed. In General, the natural oxygen-based bleach is good for laundry, cleaning, bleaching and disinfecting. Suitable for white or colored laundry. Assists in strengthening and revitalizing fabric colors. The bleaching powder is a good replacement for bathroom cleanser and mold removing bleach.

2 reviews for Laundry Bleach Powder

  1. Abiha R.

    The very best brightener and stain remover ever. So effective and efficient as it requires only small amounts.
  2. Ava Alcock

    At last! an eco-friendly bleach that works. Good results so far.
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«You get so much soap for this money! I have sensitive skin so doing dishes is sometimes a real pain. This soap didn't irritate my skin at all as it is not scented and it is hypoallergenic. It has done a good job at cleaning my dishes if I wash them right after eating. »

Lara L.