Laundry Bleach Liquid

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For cleaning, disinfecting, and removing mold in the bathroom, sinks, ceramic countertops, plastic, and glass with a Natural Pine scent.

Volume: 3500 ML.

Ingredients: Surfactants from Coconut Oil Sources, Acids from Sugar Sources, Active Oxygen, Vegetable Oil.

To clean bath / sink and to remove mold and stains: Bleach should be poured on the areas needed for cleaning. Allow the material to work for several minutes and rinse with water. In sinks and baths we recommend not to run the water. Pour the bleach around the sink and allow the cleaner to work for several minutes and then rinse.To clean the toilet: Pour the bleach into the toilet bowl and leave for a few minutes before scrubbing with a toilet brush.For laundry: Add 100 ml (half a cup of household) as a sealant to the laundry gel. To clean collars, cufflinks or stains, bleach can be poured directly onto the required area, wait a few minutes and wash. Do not allow the liquid to dry on the garment. Always check color stability in a hidden corner before using. The manufacturer's washing instructions must be strictly observed. Do not dry laundry cleaned with bleach in the sunlight.

2 reviews for Laundry Bleach Liquid

  1. Janice Watson

    Love it! We all have sensitive skin in my family and not only does this help get the clothes cleaner but there is no smell or skin reactions. I have this on Subscribe and Save, do not want to be caught without it!
  2. Roberta Salinas

    I love the bleach. One of my bathrooms gets mold from time to time, probably due to minimal air circulation… I scrub it weekly and find that it takes a lot of my time! This cleaner has been wonderful. Less scrubbing and better results. Will certainly keep buying this!
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«This dish soap works really well and I love that it doesn't have the harsh chemicals that a lot of other products have, even some that are marked as being more natural. The free and clear is pretty odorless. It has a slight typical soap smell to it, but it isn't overpowering at all.»

James F.