Fabric Softener – Lavender

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An ecological laundry softener which does not leave chemical residues on the clothes that can cause irritation. Recommended for baby clothes, children’s clothes and white clothes.

Volume: 4000 ML.

Ingredients: Active Non-ionic Surfactant from Vegetable Oil Base, Natural Water Softener, Lavender Essential Oil.

For laundry weighing up to 5 kg, add 50 ml or 100 ml (1/2 - 1 cap) to the drawer for conditioner in the washing machine.

2 reviews for Fabric Softener – Lavender

  1. Brenda Mcnally

    I have switched to the Ecofriend fabric softener due to my allergies. I love this fresh-smelling scent and have gotten several compliments. This is the only fabric softener that doesn’t flare up my allergies and is safe for sensitive skin!
  2. Abiha Rutledge

    Smells like heaven and is better for the planet. Israclean for the win!
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«You get so much soap for this money! I have sensitive skin so doing dishes is sometimes a real pain. This soap didn't irritate my skin at all as it is not scented and it is hypoallergenic. It has done a good job at cleaning my dishes if I wash them right after eating. »

Lara L.