Dishwasher Tablets

We sell a subscription to eco-friendly household cleaning products, made in Israel

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Powerful cleansing, soaking effect, effectively removing fats, flashing effect.

Volume: 25 units – 500G.

Ingredients: 5-15% Bleach (based on active oxygen), Polycarboxylates (less than 5%), Enzymes (less than 5%).

— Contains 25 individual cleaning tabs.
— Gentle & Safe
Plant-based ingredients. Phosphate-free. Chlorine-free.
— Environmentally Friendly
Dissolvable wrapper. Biodegradable formula is compatible with greywater systems.
— Free & Clear
Free of fragrance and artificial colors means it is gentle enough for sensitive users.
— Effective
Uses unique Israeli technology to cut grease, and clean even the most stubborn stuck-on food. Oxygen and enzymes leave dishes, silverware, and glasses streak-free.

— ≤ 15% Active oxygen cleaners
— < 1% Enzymes
— < 5% Polycarboxylates

— Handle tablets with dry hands;

— Place one tablet in the dispenser. Do not place the tablet in the cutlery basket;

— Run your dishwasher according to the manufacturer’s instructions;

— As with all cleaning supplies, keep out of the reach of children.

— Keep out of eyes. If in contact with the eyes, flush with running water and contact the Poison Information Center or a doctor.

3 reviews for Dishwasher Tablets

  1. Lacey Kemp

    My husband now raves about these, because they have made that much of a difference… The ONLY thing that gets my dishes clean EVERY time. I’ve tried all name brands, and this plant-based option is the best in every way!
  2. Bella-Rose

    Works better than your run of the mill grocery store detergent, and is made with the environment in mind. Win – Win. Love it!
  3. Jazmine D

    So far so good with these packs, my dishes are clean and there are no spots. Will certainly order again.
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«This dish soap works really well and I love that it doesn't have the harsh chemicals that a lot of other products have, even some that are marked as being more natural. The free and clear is pretty odorless. It has a slight typical soap smell to it, but it isn't overpowering at all.»

James F.