Dishwasher Tablets

We sell a subscription to eco-friendly household cleaning products, made in Israel

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Powerful cleansing, soaking effect, effectively removing fats, flashing effect.

Volume: 25 units – 500G.

Ingredients: 5-15% Bleach (based on active oxygen), Polycarboxylates (less than 5%), Enzymes (less than 5%).

— Contains 25 individual cleaning tabs.
— Gentle & Safe
Plant-based ingredients. Phosphate-free. Chlorine-free.
— Environmentally Friendly
Dissolvable wrapper. Biodegradable formula is compatible with greywater systems.
— Free & Clear
Free of fragrance and artificial colors means it is gentle enough for sensitive users.
— Effective
Uses unique Israeli technology to cut grease, and clean even the most stubborn stuck-on food. Oxygen and enzymes leave dishes, silverware, and glasses streak-free.

— ≤ 15% Active oxygen cleaners
— < 1% Enzymes
— < 5% Polycarboxylates

— Handle tablets with dry hands;

— Place one tablet in the dispenser. Do not place the tablet in the cutlery basket;

— Run your dishwasher according to the manufacturer’s instructions;

— As with all cleaning supplies, keep out of the reach of children.

— Keep out of eyes. If in contact with the eyes, flush with running water and contact the Poison Information Center or a doctor.

3 reviews for Dishwasher Tablets

  1. Lacey Kemp

    My husband now raves about these, because they have made that much of a difference… The ONLY thing that gets my dishes clean EVERY time. I’ve tried all name brands, and this plant-based option is the best in every way!
  2. Bella-Rose

    Works better than your run of the mill grocery store detergent, and is made with the environment in mind. Win – Win. Love it!
  3. Jazmine D

    So far so good with these packs, my dishes are clean and there are no spots. Will certainly order again.
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«I have been switching all of my household cleaners over to eco-friendly products. They are extremely effective without being filled with too many different essential oils which can be harmful to kids or pets. Very happy with the quality that Israclean provides.»

Hannah B.