Dish Soap — Orange

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Strong in cleaning oils and dirt from food utensils. Recommended for cleaning painted surfaces and exterior washing of vehicles as it does not contain salts that are harmful to color.

Volume: 750 ML.

Ingredients: Mixture of surfactants and vegetable foaming agents from coconut extract and vegetable fatty acids, Surfactant is based on glucose, natural Glycerin from a plant-based source, Orange Oils and Citric Acid.

It is recommended to use this product with a cleaning sponge. Pour a little liquid into the dishes & moisten with water.

2 reviews for Dish Soap — Orange

  1. Linda

    It’s a really good dish detergent. I began buying it trying to cut down on the number of chemicals I am bringing into my home. There are many examples of eco-friendly detergents that don’t do a great job in cleaning but that is not the case with this dish soap. It works well, smells nice and serves well in place of regular chemical laden detergents.
  2. Alfred

    “I have very sensitive skin, and I don’t own a dishwasher, so I always hand wash my dishes. If the detergent has some nasty chemicals in it, I get an itchy rash on my hands. This dish soap does not cause irritation, so it’s vastly superior to other mainstream products on the market. I buy this dish soap in bulk, and use it all the time.”
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«Love that the smell isn't overwhelming and it really cleans our bathroom well- doesn't just cover up the smell. And I feel great using it with small kids in the house. Another quality eco-friendly product made in Israel. »

Alisa A.