Dish Soap – Lemon

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Effective in cleaning oils and food-soiled dishes and utensils. Recommended for cleaning painted surfaces and exterior washing of vehicles as it does not contain salts that are harmful to exterior paint.

Volume: 750 ML.

Ingredients: Mixture of surfactants and vegetable whisks from coconut extract and vegetable fatty acids, surfactant is based on glucose, natural Glycerin from a plant-based source, Orange Oils and Citric Acid.

It is recommended to use this product with a cleaning sponge. Pour a little liquid onto the dishes & add water.

2 reviews for Dish Soap – Lemon

  1. Alfred

    I have very sensitive skin, and I don’t own a dishwasher, so I always hand wash my dishes. If the detergent has some nasty chemicals in it, I get an itchy rash on my hands. This dish soap does not cause irritation, so it’s vastly superior to other mainstream products on the market. I buy this dish soap in bulk, and use it all the time.
  2. Dina

    This is by far my favorite dish soap, in fact it’s the only one I buy. It gets nice and sudsy, bottle lasts a long time, and it’s green and gentle! The packing was very good as well.
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«This dish soap works really well and I love that it doesn't have the harsh chemicals that a lot of other products have, even some that are marked as being more natural. The free and clear is pretty odorless. It has a slight typical soap smell to it, but it isn't overpowering at all.»

James F.