Concentrated Laundry Rinse Gel

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Suitable for colored and white laundry. Does not contain bleaching materials. Based on natural components that cleans thoroughly, without rubbing the cloth.

Volume: 1000 ML.

Ingredients: A Mixture of Active Ingredients from Coconut Oil and Sugar Sources, Acids from Sugar Sources, Silicate Essential Oil.

For laundry weighing up to 5 kg, add 1 cap to the drawer for laundry gel in the washing machine.

2 reviews for Concentrated Laundry Rinse Gel

  1. Mel Lynn

    As a wife and a mother I have to make sure to keep my family safe by using safe products. I have cut back a lot of chemicals in my household and now only buy and use chemical-free products. Love that it has a gentle smell and I don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals when I do laundry 🧺 highly recommended.
  2. Adam Senler

    My new favorite laundry rinse gel. The smell is amazing and the bottle is perfect. It’s compact and doesn’t take up as much space as larger rinse gel bottles typically do.
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«I have been switching all of my household cleaners over to eco-friendly products. They are extremely effective without being filled with too many different essential oils which can be harmful to kids or pets. Very happy with the quality that Israclean provides.»

Hannah B.