Concentrated Fabric Softener – Musk

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An ecological laundry softener which does not leave chemical residues on the clothes that can cause irritation. Recommended for baby clothes, children’s clothes and white clothes.

Volume: 1000 ML.

Ingredients:  Active Non-ionic Surfactant from Vegetable Oil Base, Natural Water Softener, Eco-friendly Compatible Perfume.

For laundry weighing up to 5 kg, add 1 cap(30 ml) to the drawer for conditioner in the washing machine.

1 review for Concentrated Fabric Softener – Musk

  1. Linda

    Excellent fabric softener. It works very well on everything, from jeans to sheets.
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«Love that the smell isn't overwhelming and it really cleans our bathroom well- doesn't just cover up the smell. And I feel great using it with small kids in the house. Another quality eco-friendly product made in Israel. »

Alisa A.