All Purpose Cleaner – Spray

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Designed for a wide variety of uses: from dishwashing to a laundry gel . Suitable for marble countertops, stainless steel, formica & painted surfaces, floors, toilets, refrigerators and more.

Volume: 750 ML.

Ingredients: Water (less than 5%), Plant-Based Non-ionic Surfactant (less than 5%), Plant-Based Anionic Surfactant, Alcohol (less than 5%) Plant-Based Foaming Agent, Citrate, Citirc Acid, Limonene (Orange Oil), Natural Glycerine.

Add a quarter of a cup to a 10-liter water bucket. For a thorough cleaning, double the amount of the product.

2 reviews for All Purpose Cleaner – Spray

  1. Meghan Orr

    Cuts through the grease with a nice scent. No nasty chemicals.
  2. Ashanti Adkins

    LOVE this cleaning agent! It does an excellent job, even on my black stovetop! (Can’t figure out why I ever ordered black stovetops, as they’re really tough to keep looking nice! Haha.) I highly recommend it, not only for the thorough job it does, but for the fact that it’s free of harmful ingredients and smells wonderfully fresh. Great product!
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«I have been switching all of my household cleaners over to eco-friendly products. They are extremely effective without being filled with too many different essential oils which can be harmful to kids or pets. Very happy with the quality that Israclean provides.»

Hannah B.