All Purpose Cleaner – Liquid

We sell a subscription to eco-friendly household cleaning products, made in Israel

From: $12.99 every 3 months



Designed for a wide variety of uses: from dishwashing to a laundry gel . Suitable for marble countertops, stainless steel, formica & painted surfaces, floors, toilets, refrigerators and more.

Volume: 1000 ML.

Ingredients: Water, Sodium Salt, Citrate, Natural Surfactants from Vegetable Oil and Sugar Sources, Orange Oil, Vegetable Alcohol, Lemon Salt.

Add a quarter of a cup to a 10-liter water bucket. For a thorough cleaning, double the amount of the product.

«You get so much soap for this money! I have sensitive skin so doing dishes is sometimes a real pain. This soap didn't irritate my skin at all as it is not scented and it is hypoallergenic. It has done a good job at cleaning my dishes if I wash them right after eating. »

Lara L.